The secrets of an antioxidant cooking style

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To keep health, our body needs to be protected from the aggressions of the modern life, in particular of the consequences of a “toxic” food.

To consume cooked at low temperature and/or raw food makes it possible to preserve antioxidants present in fruits and vegetables, and consequently, to keep a good vitality.

It is essential to consume fruits and vegetables “alive”, of season, in proximity and ripe, to add seeds, plant proteins (cereals, leguminous plants, oleaginous, algae, etc) and any kind of aromatic herbs.

If you decide to give a blow of vitality to your body during one or more weeks, let us to accompany throw this approach, by proposing you menus and/or recipes, a personalized program, based on the principles of a detox food.Our receipts are appropriate for all those which wish to find vitality and form, without depriving of pleasures of the palace and eyes.

We propose:

To create healthy and greedy receipts for you and deliveryPreparation at your place

Coaching classes to allow prepare your dishes by yourself

Examples of vitality - detox recipes:

Tartar of asparagus and gray shrimpsBavarian avocado on watercress

Salmon fillet on fennel, citrus sauce and capers

Dome of vegetables in carpaccio and anchoïade

Quinoa with pink radishes and vinaigrette sesame and coriander

Vegetables with truffle and candied onions

Curry of vegetables

Scallops carpaccio at citrus overtone

Cream of avocado as North Sea

White peaches soup, raspberries and mango

Orange Bavarian

Strawberries cream with almonds