We specialize in sunny recipes both Italian and Lebanese, colourful and tasty  always cooked with fresh ingredients we choose personally

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Our delicious and colourful mouth-watering recipes have been concocted just for your pleasure

middle eastern specialities

Tasty and colourful recipes

season preserves

Our specialty directly from our garden and farm market, always organic, fresh and top-notch


Risotto is the Mediterranean specialty, each new recipe will surprise you more than the previous one

sauces & pestos

Our variety of delicious and homemade pestos and other sauces to match with your risotto, pasta, vegetables, meat or just on your "crostini" as aperitif

well-being & vitality

The secrets of an antioxidant cooking style

So, when your hand | grasps the hemisphere | of the cut | lemon above your plate | you spill | a universe of gold, | a goblet yellow | with miracles.

Ode To The Lemon -  PABLO NERUDA