The best stories have a Why, and our Why is the desire to share our philosophy of enjoying good healthy food for a healthier life! We started putting this passion into practice in 2015 and have been growing ever since, preparing delicious organic foods from what the Earth has to offer



" Handmade and natural "

We select the best organic ingredients to go into our sweet and savory preserves, as for all the products we present. Our catering selection is the result of a constant search for the perfect balance between quality and taste, simplicity and refinement.




our choice


The best way to eat healthy


All our seasonal products are made fresh and availability may be limited.

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Local products are purchased directly from the producer with no intermediaries. The result is quality, authenticity, lifestyle.

Fairy godmother | wrapped | in fancy paper, | you rise from the soil, | eternal, intact, as pure | as a celestial seed, | and when the kitchen knife | cuts you | the only painless tear | is shed: | you made us weep without suffering.

Ode To The Onion -  PABLO NERUDA