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composed of homemade original specialties

Baskets size: small, medium and large

Prices from CHF 35.-

- Savory preserves of original Italian recipes (eggplants, zucchini)

- Peppers cream sauce

- Savory preserves of original Italian recipes

- Various jam

- Italian biscuits Cantucci (homemade)

- Christmas cookies

- Salted roasted almonds

- Carrot cakes

- Various cakes gluten free

- Gluten free cookies

- Amaretti

- Orangettes

- Pure ginger and lime juice (cold pressed)

- Pesto organic herbs (mint, oregano, basil, sauge)

- FOIS GRAS selected with Cognac

- Figs stuffed with foie gras at Monbazillac


The baskets can be completed with the products imported from Italy:

- Cold pressed olive oil

- Bottle of selected organic wine

- Bottle of "Vin Santo" (to accompany Cantucci)

- Pot of black truffles

- Prosecco

All our products are also sold separately

Prices from CHF 7.-