Who We Are

Maria Luisa

Maria Luisa is from Italy.Her passion for cooking came many years ago during a long summer stay, along with the desire to please her guests and friends in a house by the sea .Perfumes, colors, fresh Italian market products would blend with creativity and the moment inspiration and become tasty and healthy meals, with fast cooking and quality products.Her experience later was enriched by courses in different kitchens around Italy and around the world and it is now a joy to cater or give cooking classes for the simple pleasure of sharing moments of conviviality and a cuisine made with passion and love.

I want | a city, | a republic, | a Mississippi River | of apples, | and on its shores | I want to see | the entire | population | of the world | united, reunited, | in the simplest act on earth: | biting an apple.

Ode To The Apple -  PABLO NERUDA


Esther has spent many years combining her love of growing her own produce with her passion for cooking and preserving.In recent years she has realized her dream of sharing her knowledge and expertise to ensure her garden produce and locally sourced food is healthy and sustainable.Married to an Armenian from Egypt she has developed a selection of Middle Eastern specialties (Lebanon, Armenia, Egypt, Iran) which complete the Italian/Mediterranean cuisine perfectly, and which are colorful, tasty and healthy. She also organizes cookery classes at the local school, privately or at customers’ homes.